Here it starts…

It has been on my mind for a very long time! the idea to publish a blog, to see, how well the thoughts bobbing in my head sound when read out loud or how they feel when reread. Before the actual sit down to pen my thoughts ( or customizing your blog page, design and then the actual typing out the blog post), there are a lot of questions that I ask of myself, like, can an avid book reader become a writer too? Will I be coherent, organised or at the least be grammatically correct ? Will I have enough content to write? and of course the very important of all , what do I write about?  And so, instead of answering or even making an attempt to do so , I procrastinate, let my time be consumed by enjoyable but not at all productive activities like watching a galore of Hallmark movies.

One such afternoon, a movie or something just triggered the reader in me to just become a member with the Justbooks library. It was a year since I had first tried to be a member , but I dint, it too took its place amongst a long list of  “I gotta do, but I don’t”. But this afternoon, I did join and crossed it off my list.

So the reader in me is very happy that I did, coz for all my yak-de-yak talking with a lot of people, reading a good book is like visiting my best friend. The Happiness quotient is very high when I read. So, borrowed this very interesting “it’s all in the Planets” by Preeti Shenoy. I just chose it coz a) I had read Preeti’s “Life is what you make of it” – a book that introduced me to bipolar disorder . b) I am a women, so,  given an option I chose a new bestseller written by a woman author.

The character Nidhi writes a blog as an anonymous blogger. The character kinda rekindled the idea of me – the blogger. And so it goes …..

PS: am a big fan of the “…” for a full stop is that – a full stop, to the sentence, to the thought. But “…” leaves a thought trail, like how songs fade out and dont just abruptly change to the next one.


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