It’s All in the Planets – old adage in a new package


Meet Aniket. Twenty-seven, techie, Mr. Average. His best friend is Subbu, a nerd who breathes, thinks and lives code. Aniket cannot believe his luck when he starts dating Trish —a stunning, sexy model, who is totally out of his league. But Trish has a list of things she wants him to work on, beginning with his potbelly and his geekiness.

Then there’s Nidhi, thirty-two, who has quit her corporate job to follow her passion. She is engaged to Manoj, Mr. Perfect—except for one aspect.

Aniket and Nidhi meet on a train, a chance encounter, and she agrees to become his ‘relationship coach’. It’s a decision that sets into motion a chain of events that will have a profound impact on the lives of all involved.

One man, two women and the trap called Destiny.

What I get from the back cover is – An Indian romance Fiction set in today’s IT Industry. You know that the Destiny card is to make the not-first-with-each-other, but will-end-up-together couple scenario.

What I liked – The style of writing. It is a very easily relatable everyday language, it engages the reader in a conversational manner. There is no in-depth character or situation description. It has 2 points of views – Aniket’s and Nidhi’s. This style is straight out of the “The girl on the train” by Paula Hawkins(Also, reminded me another book, just can’t remember the name). But I liked the flow it had.

Aniket – the main male character is the everyday average IT Joe. The lifestyle, the insistence on how much he loves his ‘model’ girlfriends looks, his physique. He is relatable by the flaws he has, and your heart goes awww for him, as he genuinely tries to rekindle the magic in their relationship.

Nidhi – the main female character is the perfect friend. She listens, gives good advice, no judgment, very dependable, no character quirks, steady head, knows what she wants. To make her side incomplete, she has an ass for a boyfriend.

She is the yang to Aniket’s yin.

What I don’t like – the ‘hmph factors’- It’s too predictable, other supporting characters are right out of a character template, the death of a character, the ending seems like a 3 step process. 1 2 3 they fall in love… bang.. the end. Much like a movie.

Special mention – the absolutely out-of-this-world-only-in-books couple, Nidhi’s father, and step-mom. The step-mom is a wonderful depiction of an ever understanding, kind and firm talking mother.

Aniket’s mom’s revelation and understanding of the situation is new and refreshing.

In conclusion, It;s All in the Planets, is a good read, an easy read. It doesn’t wrench your heart, make you rethink your relationships, or your take on it doesn’t make you wish you had that life. none of it. But it does make you smile.


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