For every woman who went on to hold a steady career, there is one who took a sabbatical. May it be for any reason – just got a baby, don’t want to run the rat race, difficult to handle both a full-time job and a fussy toddler with weak immunity ( this is my reason to take my sabbatical), no support system to get back to work after a kid. And finally, just used to the ease of being a stay-at-home mom. But, compared to our mother’s generation, women today aren’t just happy handling the house and the kids. Their hobbies reflect this need to be more productive or creative, or just for self-realization.They want their education, skills built over years, know-hows, their community and friendship circle to be much more effective.

And for the tech-savvy women, there is various option to show off their skills. Blogging- food blogs, relationships blogs, parenting blogs, craft blogs. Full fledged cooking channels, DIYs. There are plethora of opportunities for  Artists, photographers, travelogue writers and reviewers, home tutors, Jewellery makers,  wedding and party planner, Content writers. The list is Endless.

The community too is very supportive of these women who are putting themselves out there, even a little – to be judged, to be appreciated, to be applauded. Whatsapp and FB are the new marketing platform.

This post is a thumbs up to all women, who are taking the time and energy to build a virtual footprint of themselves, within the limits of their everyday responsibilities and duties.


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