There went another weekend. Well-spent for me and hope the same for you. And so I got to see this: cinthol’s #AliveisOffline ad. 71600a29842631-5607896c406c6

Did you see it? Common go ahead see it. What I say next would make less sense if you didn’t.

So go on… I’m waiting I haven’t continued.

Ah! So you are back? How did the ad make you feel?

It gave me little goosebumps and it made me want that. The question is do I have the will to go ‘offline’?

This also made me nostalgic of our December vacation. In the words of my son “we went to the beach played in the water and sand, then came back home, had food and then again we went to the beach to play in the water and sand”. This is all we did for 3 days along with other activities like shopping that my son clearly didn’t register as a memory of his vacation.

Those rare species of humankind,
that doesn’t take pics for the
sakes of posting on FB

In the vacation time, apart from clicking few pics for memory sakes, using google maps for way finding, googling for general traveller info’s and calls from parents on updates of our wellbeing. We didn’t log online. We are of those rare species of humankind, that doesn’t take pics for the sakes of posting on FB, no posts on where-I-went, What-I-ate, and what-I-saw.

It was exciting and exhilarating. We spent so much time, just sitting on the beach and watching my son get toasted like a dry fish in the sun. He rolled in the sand and made funny shapes. I just chilled, the sun in my face and salt breeze roughening my hair as I watched father and son getting lost in time, in the waves.  I loved every moment of it. I can still feel the quiver of excitement my son had, when he would wait to jump for a big wave and then get completely submerged. Am still reeling in the memories.

But Coming back. Going offline doesn’t have to be something you do when you travel. It could happen while we are living our everyday lives. It’s when you could visit friends/family to make memories and not post them. It’s less screen time and more Face time (real face time). Its more feeling the vibes and absorbing the energies. The will to be offline doesn’t mean you completely disconnect from the world, its living less online and living more in person.

The web is an opportunity.
Use it as one.
Don’t abuse it.

The World is what fuels the World Wide Web, the web is making the world seem much less intimidating, and it is making us learn about people and their stories, which you wouldn’t see in your walk of life. The web is a great teaching tool for us, who are ever so willing to learn. The web is a great place for ideas and to find one’s collective. The web is an opportunity. Use it as one. Don’t abuse it.


4 thoughts on “Offline: The want and the will to do so

  1. You are correct , if you check billions of Whatsapp messages were sent in a day but still 1 in 3 person says that they lonely.
    This is the irony of our time my friend .


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