When we read in the news that a 3-year-old sexually assaulted we are angered and aghast at the same time. We believe that now that the sexual perpetrator has been identified, justice will prevail. Does it? NO!!!

We get to read after a few days, that the same paedophile has been assaulting and abusing other kids. Another article, notes that in the 8 years, he has been working at that school, he has assaulted more and that now 40 kids are allegedly complaining of sexual assault

News like this makes us think why the hell are these incidents happening? Why are the schools hiring such perverts/paedophiles? What happens to these perverts after they are caught and FIR’s are filed? Do the kids get the help they might need?

Too many questions and too few answers.

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Why do these incidents keep happening again and again? We all know that there is no fear of punishment to these monstrous men. Our justice system fails to mete out punishment at the right time. Why is death penalty not given to such men? If India can vote against the moratorium to ban the death penalty. Why isn’t the death penalty given as a sentence to rapist and the sexual assaulter? Shouldn’t a precedent be set by the punishment the law gives? Won’t the precedence and expedited justice be a wake-up call to other such lurking predators that are a pathetic excuse of a human? Castration (chemical) and the death penalty have been adopted by many countries including Indonesia for rapists. But courts in India aren’t, as the chemical castration is seen as an act of vengeance and not reformative. Even if it isn’t reformative it should be adopted to set a precedent and to warn off probable predators. Why is it that we are just incarcerating these monsters to let them out after a sentence to devour other little innocent victims? Those who are unable to protect themselves? Why this offence is not met with the severity it demands? Shouldn’t the punishment befit the crime?

The kids spend a major portion of their day in schools and the protection of the kids should be school’s top priority. Why is it that the very schools which need to be on the side of the parents and kids are busy defending the accused. Is it done to mitigate the situation? What sort of immoral and inhuman people run schools these days!

Quoted from the news article -What further angered her was the alleged apathy of the school director. “We reported the incident to the school director on Friday. But the authorities refused to believe what my daughter said. They even refused to lodge a police complaint. We went to the police station ourselves. The police acted swiftly and arrested the culprit the same day.”

Security shouldn’t be an added feature in the schools; it should be the first attribute to a good school.  If nothing else, the exorbitant school fees demanded should be put to effect in more tangible and result – oriented security and protections.

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  • Let only female teachers be allowed to interact with kids. Let men be not allowed within classrooms, corridors, washrooms and other unsupervised areas for the kids.
  • All kids in schools, starting with kindergarten to higher grades are taught to recognise inappropriate behaviour and to shout/scream when approached by such monsters. This education must be made mandatory.
  • There should be clear guidelines of appropriate and inappropriate behaviours listed and put in plain sight for kids to see every day.download (15)
  • Why the schools are not psych profiling for possible perverts and paedophiles while recruitment? There should be a periodic psych evaluation for all teachers and staff. Background verification is a joke. A psychometric test should be the norm to get jobs in any capacity within schools premises.
  • Schools should not protect themselves when such dastardly people in their staff are brought to light.


What are the repercussions of such acts on the assaulted kids? Is it okay for the parents do hope that their kid isn’t scarred for life? Is it okay to just forget and move on? Is that the only way to go forward? Parents need to be advised on therapy for the kid, even if it is done only as a way to understand what the little kid remembers about the incident. Therapy would help to address the trauma of the abuse.


Please share this post so that more parents demand of psych profiling the teachers and other staff in the school. The summer is here. Let schools prepare for a better next year.

Let us prevent from such heinous act being committed in our schools. Coz correction is not in our hands!


2 thoughts on “Child Sexual Assault and Abuse: Put an End

  1. Its loud, people just hear it as a whisper and end as a gossip; but not debated to understand the depth. Ko hi tjo alaram bajao. Ke sab utteah.


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