Follow my blog with BloglovinThe heydeys of Engineering, back in 2003, when the jeans were bell-bottomed when girls carried backpacks and not handbags when Yamaha’s Rx’s lined the parking stalls when college canteen served food not more than Rs.15 each. College was an amazing 4 years of life lessons and fun! more so it was good to be in mechanical engineering – the chilled out department.

By virtue of being in Mech, it was quite often that one would see more of its students not in the classroom but outside. This invariably meant a lot of time spent in the canteen or in other college adda’s (hangouts). To list out the adda’s and other eat-outs – The Canteen – epicentre of the college life, the Bakery (sagar bakery), food court of the medical college ( fancier than the engg canteen), the rolls and darshini’s, the chaat place by the bus stand and much more.

The college canteen – I have lived off canteen food for most of college days, even when I had my own lunch box, the home-food depraved hostel boys would gobble it up and buy me food in the canteen. The main criteria for a canteen – cheap food, was met. The coffee was Rs. 5, the apple cake (the leftover’s cake) was Rs. 5 and the bisibele bath was Rs.10 or 15 (don’t remember) and the one tasty dish of our canteen was the masala dosa (tasty by acceptable standards alone). If it were internals/exams or record-writing for the afternoon lab. The canteen was our sanctuary!

Then we do step out for much more tastier options- The sagar bakery. Double egg full fry download (8)cost only Rs7  and Maggi was Rs.15, half tea/coffee was Rs.3. So a simple after college snack cost not more than Rs. 10! 😀 Maggi was not so frequent at first. But by the end of college,  “cheta oru maggi and full fry” were yelled out every day. The sagar bakery was its BMS (banana milkshake), bun omelette, egg and veg puffs and they did have many other edible food then went in-between the bun, but I just don’t seem to recall.

The medical college food court – Now this was a little far, walkable place, which had more choices and had a restaurant like a feel. Also like any other canteen, you can sit there the whole day and no one would throw you out. For non-veg options within walking distance and it had to be this place. I have had some yummy chicken noodles and Manchurian there. I loved that they gave a poached egg for one particular noodle dish. I was a regular there, it was a good place to read.

Info: the Ramaiah educational institutions spanned across a vast area, having a single road about 900 m, with gates at both ends. At one end – the new bel road was the hospital and the medical college and at the other end was the engineering gate. And it is said that within that stretch there were 13 canteens. I have not explored all just 3 I think.

The rolls place Kusum started in our 2nd or 3rd year and it was awesome. A single egg chicken roll would cost only Rs. 30 (now its Rs 50 or 70). That made an awesome lunch. If we felt a little pricey we would eat in for their chow miens.

The Andhra mess served some hot meals with pappu and rice at Rs.20(25). There were a couple of darshinis also doling out their version of chaats. A quick bite before boarding the bus.

for the time when we all felt way too pricey or end of exam treats we have gone to the chung-wah, or another Chinese place the new bel road. Now that road is lined with many fast-food joints and High-end grill houses and cafes.

There was a small burger joint, on the medical campus – Razzmatazz. He made some amazing home-style burgers with fries. I found out about this only at the end but frequented it even after college. There was a US pizza place which served unlimited pizza for just Rs.99. I think we treated ourselves after our last ethnic day there.

Also, I have enjoyed many days just walking through the IISc campus and the NAS campus to reach the Ramaiah Engineering Gate. IISc (before its security became a little tighter) has a normal canteen, but the ambience – just too good. The coffee board was just the right place to enjoy a coffee and a conversation. One should try to go through the IISc campus. You’d feel you have stepped into a time zone of sorts. The new bel road even now, with its canopy of trees beckons me sometimes. It’s a beautiful stretch to walk.

In the four years of Engg, I have tried to explore many a nook and cranny places for an easy bite. It was a good ride down nostalgia, yet again. Do share stories of your college adda’s.


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