Am an amateur blogger who’s just 24 posts old in the blogosphere. In this short time within the world of blogs, I have discovered a lot about me, my fellow bloggers and the readers!

Blogging has given me a window to showcase my thoughts – in written form and is helping me to convert my love for writing to an actual skill, that I am acquiring a little at a time. Am still testing waters of the online content world. Blogging has given me an opportunity to discuss some serious issues and topic which I probably couldn’t weave into a normal face to face conversation with people, lest I hurt someone’s sentiment.

I think therefore I blog

A show of camaraderie from a fellow blogger lifts one confidence that yes! someone gives a hoot to what I write. (friends and family are our first readership, but somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that they are favoring you). A fellow blogger’s like and appreciative comments are purely for your writing and nothing else! absolutely nothing else!

Is it frivolous writing? Or is it Serious writing? the beauty of blogging is that you don’t need to be just one. There is no label to stick to. A blogger can write up on anything that one fancies. It is as unique as the person who writes. Just like each of us has a place of our own in this big world. We have more space for each in the world of blogs.  Blogging gives one the freedom to be as raw as possible and stick to one’s core personality.

One of my fellow blogger Matheikal says this in his blog

“Getting published was quite a tough job.  Blogging made it easy.  Too easy.  Hence everybody – well, almost – became a writer.  But writing is not everybody’s job.  A writer must give something to the reader to think about.  Writing is about ideas.  It’s not just putting words together.  The reader must gain something.  At least something to poke his imagination.”- Matheikal on Bloggin and some thoughts

His words reflect on one of my criteria for a write-up. Even if critiqued for the post, am I reaching out to my readers in little ways? Have I tickled someone’s imagination, gave them a smile, or made them shake their heads in disagreement? Or have I piqued their interest in a book, made them sit up to read a serious thought. If I have succeeded in getting these done. I have climbed the first rungs to become an effective writer.

One aspect of this world of blogs that has enthralled me and aspires me is the fact that so many bloggers have been at it for so long. Their followers and view counts are a testimony to their skill and tenacity. It is humbling to know that I do have a long way to go.

Blogging as a platform for self-promotion, for products or ideas or to even monetize it,  is just an added feather in the cap.

At the end of it all, are we pseudo-writers? are we bathing in a delusion of being part of the literary world?

We may or we may not! what matters is that we are able to create a niche audience for ourselves. If being read by strangers, makes one a writer. Then we are to call ourselves so!

PS: This post is in response to IndiSpire Edition 162: #SeriousBlogging



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