Boarding school- the magical place for all teens to get away from oppressive parents, from only meeting your friends some time to being with them full time. For all Harry potter Fans, the Hogwarts style schooling is a definite yes!

There are some with a different school of thought, who’d vouch for a Boarding school Experience. To enumerate few pros –

  • The kids mostly in their teens learn to adapt to new environs
  • They’ll have time to focus on varied activities within a safe campus
  • The teens would learn to become more self-reliant and decisive.
  • The teachers would be able to give much more individual attention to the teens and help them uncover their potential.

All these points would definitely make the teen much more ready as he/she would step into adulthood and its challenges.

But can this only be achieved in a Boarding School and not in regular schools living with parents?

In my opinion, I’d say, Opting for boarding school is like delegating your parenting work! Teens in their formative age need a safe place to disengage from schools and its activities, even if it for few hours a day. Pre-teens have just grown to start thinking beyond their home and family. They need to have a safe haven when discovering the world outside, and not be thrown into a completely new system, however capable they might be. Pre-teen is the time, parents need to be much more observant of their kids, actions and reactions. Not only to what they are saying but to start reading between lines. To lay a foundation for a healthier communication and trust between them and their kid. The kind of communication that lets them talk about body awareness, puberty and all that it entails.

As it is, kids stay lesser at home with parents, probably until they are 15-18 years, once they step out of home for education, there is no coming back. From education to work and to other pursuits of life. These 5-8 years if spent out of the home, then life is gonna be lived a weekend at a time, through video calls at a stipulated time.

Boarding school elevates certain aspects of living with same aged people to new levels: Peer Pressure. Peer pressure could make or break a person. What if one can’t stand up to the bullies? what if they as an individual is unable to stand out, be heard? to what extent can teachers focus on an individual?

When the responsibilities of the kids are on on teachers. Can one gauge unenthusiastic teachers? Can one limit the academic pressure the school puts on the kid?

Even if, Boarding schools are opted by parents who are always on the move or have demanding careers or by affluent parents who’d rather have the job done by someone else and mostly by parents believing that the boarding school system can give their kid that significant edge to succeed in life.

I believe that no matter what the situation is if it does not demand a boarding school, One shouldn’t opt for it as a choice.


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