The countdown to Summer holidays has started. Although it is for the kids, am sure, parents also wait for them just as eagerly. No school for another 2 months!

Aint that awesome! It’s two months of no studying and lots of play, of vacations and trips, of summer movies, of visiting family in different cities or within the city. Summer is all about being in the sun, hanging with the friends and eating everything cool and chilled!

For those families with both parents working, it’s either leaving the kid at the grandparents or having them attend Fun Summer activities.

And a little search online gives a plethora of options for kids and toddlers aged 2-15. From the basic, general learning, arts and crafts, music and dance, there is enhanced learning with robotics, Vedic maths, learning through experiments, a hands-on approach to science. There are the various sports like football and swimming. Nature and outdoors activities like adventure camps that take kids out for a hike, spending a day or two outdoors observing nature, the animals and also learning photography. Dramatics and theater camps. For all those interested in cooking and helping your budding chef, there are various camps that teach baking cupcakes, fixing little snacks for themselves. Do check out the buzzingbubs site for all the summer camp activities near you.

Although, these camps are good for kids to spend their holidays in constructive ways. They should also be having an unorganised holiday  – hanging with the extended family, bonding with cousins, making new friends through cousins, just hanging around with grandparents in the kitchen, in the garden, spending time with them helping with their activities. To hang with friends, without any agenda as to how the day would go, making up games and activities. Picking up some house chores. Time for self-exploration. And most importantly, learning to deal with boredom.

Boredom, kids need to learn to keep themselves occupied, even if it is just gazing into empty space, throwing a ball at the wall, make-believe play, holidays are the right time to learn that fun can be achieved without spending money!

How many of us lament, that our children don’t enjoy their childhood like we did, How holidays meant being on the streets, playing what-not – chuchand and laggori, playing hide-and-go-seek, statue, hopscotch to name a few, Cycling all day long within a defined perimeter, hopping from one house to another, showing up at home only for meals and if there are generous neighbours, then not even turning up for lunch.  Summer meant just hanging out on someone’s compound wall, talking nonsense and sometime being scared by older kids. Summer meant playing with everyone’s games and toys,  not bothered whether you owned them or not. If someone’s got something new, then everyone is gonna play it all summer long. Summer meant a meet up of all cousins in grandma’s house, sleeping under the stars, eating under the moon, loitering the streets, flying kites, chasing one another all over the place.  Summer meant, mangoes, panagam (musk melon and jaggery juice) and watermelon, everything chilled and cold was allowed, no restrictions.  Summer meant complete abandon. Summer always meant enjoying childhood.

Summer holidays should be best spent having an adventure like the kids in Enid Blyton’s ‘The Famous Five‘. If not, the next best is to have a summer like we did.

Let’s try to give our kids, a Summer that is full of what is now and what was then.





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