Walnut Stores – India’s Smart Grocery Store.

Walnut Stores – India’s Smart Grocery Store.

I was using Namma Metro after a long time and was taking the ride back to Byappanahalli from Trinity. There I saw the stall of ‘Walnut Stores“, I was pleasantly surprised by its presence there. The surprise was not because it was a novel way to shop for groceries, but more so for the parallels, I drew immediately with another such shopping idea from a different country – Korea.

Some time back, not sure how long, I had seen a video that was shared on Whatsapp about how the people taking the subways had a virtual store presented on the walls of the subway platforms. They looked like the regular store racks that displayed food items to scale. And while one is waiting to board the train, they could scan the respective QR codes for the food and grocery items, add them to the cart, pay for it and it gets delivered just after one reaches home.


This was done by TESCO in Korea, which rebranded itself to HomePlus and brought on this novel way to shop to increase their sales no’s without actually opening any new physical stores. They became #1 online store and came a close 2nd in the offline market.

I had thought of this as a very unique and an innovative idea. And someday would find its place in India as well. And this is what was so pleasantly surprising for me.


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The Stall was full of little pockets that held staples in handful quantities and a QR code next to them. They mainly displayed staples like rice, dals, pulses, cereals.  An added Ah-ahh moment was that they haven’t just displayed staples but actual staples, that one could touch and feel, to gauge its quality before buying. I just smiled to myself thinking that the novel style has arrived in our own country.

The story behind the Walnut stores is detailed in a post by Indiannewz. Their main claim-to-fame is that most of their staples are sourced directly from the farm. They only deal with staples and dry fruits. They have stayed clear of easily perishable fruits and vegetables and no FMCG or packaged food items.

I haven’t yet tried the store but would like to shop once at least, to extend support to a novel idea.

Note: Photos courtesy 123rf.com, adsoftheworld.com



A Sky full of Stars, A Heavenly View!

A Sky full of Stars, A Heavenly View!

images (30)In Chris Martin’s Voice – “A Sky full of stars” takes you through the ebb and flow of emotions one feels gazing at the night sky!!



This post is inspired and written in response to IndiSpire Edition 164:

Indispire edition 164

Each of us,  the young, the young-at-hearts and the ever-young have a connection to the night sky. There is a magic in viewing the night sky, scattered with stars and for the more involved – the constellations they make. Amazing glitterati in the backdrop of a clear black sky! Is a sight to behold and takes you away into a different realm, even if it is only for few moments. Continue reading “A Sky full of Stars, A Heavenly View!”

First Engineering and Then What Else?

First Engineering and Then What Else?

A question to all the engineers out there – Were you passionate about the subject of engineering, much before you pursued it as an education?

How many of you took to engineering coz;

  • You liked the idea of doing engineering.
  • It was the proven success path to a well-earning job
  • It was the only thing you knew you could pursue apart from medicine, for that respectable career path

And, how many of you took to engineering coz;

  • More than interest, there was love to make things work and build systems.
  • A natural problem solver wanted to learn how all things worked. Actually get down to the nitty gritty’s.

Continue reading “First Engineering and Then What Else?”

The Experience of Reading!

The Experience of Reading!

A good part of my childhood was spent in reading, mostly the weekly library books which included children tales, bedtime stories and fables. The knowledge series – tell me why and the World book encyclopaedia. I just loved to read, it didn’t matter to me whether it was just information gathering, learning how something worked, why something was, or the history of our civilisations or books with a lot of illustrations that retold stories that I already knew.  I would read just about everything, and so these books and stories have intertwined themselves into a visceral memory of my childhood and the particularities of an individual book, that I could say- was my first is lost in the labyrinth of titles! Continue reading “The Experience of Reading!”