images (30)In Chris Martin’s Voice – “A Sky full of stars” takes you through the ebb and flow of emotions one feels gazing at the night sky!!



This post is inspired and written in response to IndiSpire Edition 164:

Indispire edition 164

Each of us,  the young, the young-at-hearts and the ever-young have a connection to the night sky. There is a magic in viewing the night sky, scattered with stars and for the more involved – the constellations they make. Amazing glitterati in the backdrop of a clear black sky! Is a sight to behold and takes you away into a different realm, even if it is only for few moments.

It is sad though that today, one cannot see the sight of even a hand full of stars every day. They are shrouded by the smog that hangs over the city. But, it is of our own making and we go for trip and treks to see the sights that once were just a climb to the terrace.

The terrace of my house was my sanctuary for a long time since I discovered the spare room. It was for me a step into an alternate world. A world of my own.  A world were it was only music (on a old yet trustworthy ‘national’ casette player) and hours spent lying on the ground star gazing. Never really tried to make out the constellations. It was not loneliness I felt, but solitude. Many a nights have just stood for more than an hour just seeing the beautifull sky and the stars, they were my night companions! This was a night time ritual before going to bed and I went to bed happy and calm.


img_1732 (1).jpg
Kodachadri night sky

Another experience of the night sky that is forever etched in my mind untill I loose it to dementia or Alzhiemers is the sight of a valley full of stars on a pitch black new moon night made me feel alive and humbled by the vastness of its beauty! This was on a trek to Kodachadri near Kollur (famous for the Mookambika temple). Since this was not on our trek plan, and a spur-of-moment travel decision, we were ill equipped for the night trek that Kodachadri was famed for and so took a very very bumpy ride to the top on a Jeep. On top amongst all the campers lived a Brahmin Family taking care of the temple on top.  They were very hospitable and accommodated the 6 of us for the night in their home and also fed us simple yet scrumptious meals for the night. The following morning, I skipped a little hike to the top of the mountain for a walk-among-clouds sunrise view, as I was not big into colder and chillier experiences! We started our trek downhill, on the trails which had a deep valley on one side and steep terrain on the other. The downhill trek was probably around 5-6 kms (not sure!).

More than anything what stayed with me after 9 years (trekked in 2008) is the sight of the stars spangled heavenly sky! We had just reached the top of the peak and had our dinner. I and my friend chatted away outside and then we stood there taking all that we could. To describe the sight would border on sacrilege, but one has only words to describe(didn’t take any photos! didn’t occur!). It was as if  I stood at the centre of the horizon sphere, the top half was a hemisphere of stars and the bottom half of black nothing!


Glad to have gone down this memory lane on a manic monday morning! 😀 😀

PS: – Thanks to Shantanu for your IndiSpire Idea!



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