A Sky full of Stars, A Heavenly View!

A Sky full of Stars, A Heavenly View!

images (30)In Chris Martin’s Voice – “A Sky full of stars” takes you through the ebb and flow of emotions one feels gazing at the night sky!!



This post is inspired and written in response to IndiSpire Edition 164:

Indispire edition 164

Each of us,  the young, the young-at-hearts and the ever-young have a connection to the night sky. There is a magic in viewing the night sky, scattered with stars and for the more involved – the constellations they make. Amazing glitterati in the backdrop of a clear black sky! Is a sight to behold and takes you away into a different realm, even if it is only for few moments. Continue reading “A Sky full of Stars, A Heavenly View!”


Good samaritans of Bangalore – are you one among them?

Good samaritans of Bangalore – are you one among them?


It was disheartening to read a news article where an 18-year-old was bleeding from an accident and it took 15 to 20 minutes to rush him to the hospital where he eventually succumbed to his injuries and died. Even worse was the fact that there were many onlookers who took pictures but dint go to help him. For more info, read this article.

Although a situation like these gets noticed and reported. There are innumerable acts of kindness that don’t garner media interest. For the life saved isn’t worth reporting (sad fact!).

Last evening, I and my son went out to get some snacks and at the corn vendor’s stall, there was a man who was chatting away with the corn vendor. One minute he was sitting and the next he collapsed shaking heavily. He had a bout of fits or seizures. A bunch of men standing around immediately came to his aide, helped him with ways they knew – they got a metal chain for him to clasp on. They didn’t leave his side until the episode of seizure stopped and he sat up. They sent a guy to call a doctor. (For those who ask what I was doing, I did too go to see if I there was something for me to do, but there wasn’t).

[Side note: Could read the WebMD article on helping someone during a seizure]

Bangalore – its people have always been there restoring my faith in humanity.

There have been times where I have found my way around Bangalore just asking directions from an auto driver. They are the ones who even tell me the shorter routes and routes to avoid. They respond for a simple “ondu nimisha (one minute)” even when we are driving parallel.

One such auto guy had helped me when one night I was stupid enough to not check the fuel gauge when I borrowed my friend’s bike to ride back home, after midnight.

I was working in ITPL and in second shift (3.30pm to midnight) and on a whim wishing to ride his pulsar back home borrowed it from him. Then I sped off. Half way through I checked the fuel gauge, it was running already in reserve fuel and by then I had passed petrol bunks that were en route. My friend lived in Shivajinagar; I guess he thought it would be enough to get him back home. But I lived in Rajajinagar. As it should the bike chugged and came to halt. I just pushed it along down the race course road to the Sivananda signal. There was a petrol bunk at that intersection, so I went in saw the staff sleeping inside and knocked until they woke up. Even though he wanted to help me, he couldn’t as the key to the fuel pumping machine was with the owner. So dejected, and wondering how I will be going home that is almost 4 km away. I just towed the bike afoot. Just ahead of the Sheshadripuram college circle, an auto guy who was delivering a box of ice cream with a guy stopped and asked if I needed help. He offered to leg-tow my bike (for those who don’t know what that is: the auto guy pushes the back of a bike/auto with his outstretched leg while driving his own auto). The leg-tow wasn’t popular in 2008 as it is now. So obviously, I was amazed that he could do that. He towed all the way to my street. I have never felt gratitude for someone like I felt that day. I dint know how to show it and gave them Rs.500 that I had on me.  I was glad that I didn’t have an untoward incident and counted my blessings.

This is just one incident of my life, which I recall to when I talk about the people of Bangalore.

Have you been in a situation where you were helped by a total stranger? Were you that total stranger to someone else? Do share your stories.