For your today’s dose of ROFL- The Stand-up Comics

For your today’s dose of ROFL- The Stand-up Comics

Read this off the internet:” Laughter is one of the purest forms of natural high.” and that “It releases Dopamine in our brains, a neurotransmitter that helps to control the reward and pleasure areas of our brain.”

So it’s cliched but worth repeating here that laughter is truly the best medicine. And we need to be getting our daily doses of this medicine.

Yes, we have the internet age for the memes, the trolls and all the other form of funny.But I do really love, simple, harmless and yet rib-tickling comedy. The sarcastic one-liners, the stand-up sketches, the improves and on-stage rants.

Indian movies wouldn’t be half entertaining without the comedy factor. So apart from movies, which are still the more popular platform for laughter.I do love the stand-up comics. This post is just my way of passing on the good laughs to you folks.

On a general note – what I think makes stand-up comedians funny is, that they are totally relatable to us. If you just think of all those comics, the most you would have laughed is the one you would have thought ‘that’s so true, I/we do that’.

Kenneth Sebastian

Kenny quotes ”
“If your mom asks you to do something,
you have 3 seconds.
If you cross that threshold,
she will do something unimaginable.
She will do it herself”

Kenny is an adorable south-Indian Mallu boy. He jokes on the general mundane things around us- the school, our mothers and fathers, on dosa. He is clean-mouthed and has a very ‘goody goody boy’ feel to him. In his vlogs – Chai time with kenny, he just reviews biscuits, newspapers and kitchen items. Gets himself a shave on stage. These not so funny situations/things are made super hilarious by him.  He’s my favourite – hands down.Do check out his videos on youtube.

Evam Standup Tamasha

There’s Karthik Kumar – he’s the quintessential NRI mappilai in a lot of Tamil movies. For reference: alai payuthey. Started to watch his stand-up, just to see ‘ ah that guy from that movie- now a stand-up? let’s watch’. He tried a little hard to get the jokes out. But I was in splits for few of them. Again the relatability factor kicked in. You should check him out too.

Also from teamevam is Alexander Babu- Alexander the comic. He’s the Christian guy, married with 2 kids, who hangs out with tambhrahm mamas and maamis. His sketch on the tambhrahm mamas is totally hilarious. If you don’t know what he’s talking about, you might not enjoy. But give it a try.

And now the ladies from the comedy club.

Aditi Mittal – Her sketch on sanitary napkins is something all women are going to relate to. I was left in splits after I watched it. Encourage you to see it too.

Neeti Palta – She’s the keeda pleaser. The one who has had a successful career in advertising and in show-scripting and then moved on to stand-up. She puts in the women’s perspective on the everyday. Do check her out too.

And of course to all those college-canteen stand-ups, the office pantry satirist, the very funny friend and to all those people around us who are giving us little doses of laughter. Thank you!

Another thing that struck me when I saw kenny’s and Neeti’s interview was that they got their eureka moments while watching other comics, both were influenced by ‘whose line is it anyway’. So the more you watch, the more you might be inspired.