Indian Armed Forces – Living a life less ordinary

Indian Armed Forces – Living a life less ordinary


As you all know it is the ad line for the Indian Army. The ad makes you take notice and watch it. It gives me a kind of goosebumps. I don’t know how many of you feel the same, but am sure if not goosebumps you are definitely in awe of the Indian Defence Personnel.

I had visited the Aero India 2017, and of course, it goes without saying, the aircraft, the stunts and formations, everything is awesome. It’s given. The idea behind this blog is the people behind this show. Our Defence personnel – The Indian Airforce and The Indian Army. I am in complete awe for these men and women. Totally. Their uniform and those aviator shades. That is COOL. Never goes out of trend cool. The cool, that comes from confidence and pride. It’s not just the uniform; it is their way of life that I am most impressed.

Career in the Indian Armed Forces; choosing to join the Defence garners so much of respect and pride for the young men/women and their family. It’s a career where what you earn as a salary is not considered as a marker of success.  It’s the only other career apart from being a Doctor, which gives you a title, a rank before your name. It’s an entitlement of a different sort. It’s a career that has no parallels to compare. It’s a career of adventure and character building. The Camaraderie that develops is for life. No other career builds just strong bonds with your fellow colleagues (recent OROP movement is a fine example). It’s a career where the system recognises the skillfull and the hardworking. By studying further, taking exams you can get promotions. It’s a career that takes care of you for life even if it’s a 15-20 years of service that is put in. A Defence personnel identifies him as an Indian first, and then comes his region.

So have you ever considered joining? Or have your kids enlisted?

I have married into a family where the Fathers have served in the Army. My husband too tried to join the armed forces. He came very close to being chosen for the Navy, he had been preparing for his SSB from the age of 12, and he regrets his plan to finish Engg to join as an officer. He regrets coz, it gave him less time to apply and try for all the SSB’s. It’s not that he got out on the first day; after completing the 5 day selection he lost it out only after the final psychological test. One of the traits that I like about him is this yearning to serve.

It’s kind of amusing or ironic, that our son was born on 26th Jan – The republic day. There I was sitting and watching the republic day parade and am thinking so it could be in the stars that my son joins the Armed Forces. He could well go that way. We would surely influence him but, the decision; the commitment to that decision will only be by him. (I also keep telling myself, that India has never in its history initiated War, calming the mother in me).

So, any of you has been influenced of the Indian Armed Forces, do share your stories in the comment section.

PS: the movie Lakshya is a good watch in this regard.